Etching & Etch Inspection Services

Process description

  • Chemical or electrochemical etching of parts using various process solutions.
  • Semi-automated and automated processing guarantee a high process stability using customer approved, specifically designed, rotating fixtures.
  • Titanium and nickel based alloys up to a diameter of 1200 mm, of any geometry, can be etched.
  • Procedure is carried out on high precision, final machined components to highlight potential non-conformities prior to delivery and assembly at final customer’s facilities.
  • Trained inspectors inspect parts to highlight “indications” after chemical processing has been completed.
  • Critical process helping to ensure safe operation of turbine engines in service


Service catalogue

Processes & Services Materials Atfin Can Process Tank Sizes
NBA TA Length Width Depth Lifting
01. Visual Inspection            
02. Etching of Nickel Base Steel Alloy Components for Metallurgical Inspection     2000 500 1300 600
07. Etching of Titanium Alloys     2000 610 1300 600
  • NBA: Nickel Based Alloys
  • TA: Titanium Alloys
  • Length: Working Tank Length (mm)
  • Width: Working Tank Width (mm)
  • Depth: Working Solution Depth (mm)
  • Lifting: Manual/Aided Lifting (+SWL) Kg

Work environment

Health & safety

  • All equipment designed and commissioned to comply with local and national regulations.
  • Semi automated/Automated nature of processing plant, distances operatives from chemical solutions (and mechanical transporters) during the working shift. Local exhaust ventilation and automatic lids, local to process tanks, reinforces this safety aspect.
  • Auto-dosing and chemistry removal carried out using integrated design systems to maximise safety.
  • Training in chemical use and handling provided along with comprehensive instruction in plant operation and parts handling.
  • Procedures in place controlling all safety critical aspects of the business.
  • Monitoring of process by technical staff, helps optimise production and safety standards.

The Environment (Effluent + Air cleanliness)

  • All equipment designed and commissioned to comply with local and national regulations.
  • Procedures and training provided to ensure companies obligations are met.
  • Planned preventative maintenance schedule ensures safe and compliant operation of plant.
  • Training and instruction on Environmentally critical equipment will be given backed up with reference procedures and manuals.
  • Environmental Management systems to be put in place to confirm compliance is achieved through external and internal audit schedule.