Environmental Commitment

As a leading supplier in etching services to the aerospace industry, we see a strong commitment by ourselves to environmental improvement as a central objective to sustainable, compliant and profitable business.

Being a business using a wide variety of substances, we see our own commitment to the management of environmental issues as central to our activities.

To this end it is our policy to

  • Comply with environmental legislation relevant to our business.
  • Comply with the environmental policy and protocols of our parent companies.
  • Seek to use processes, practices and materials that avoid, reduce or control pollution at source. Recycling, reuse or recovery routes will be considered before disposal.
  • Set and review environmental objectives relevant to the significant impacts and to achieve continual improvement in our environmental performance.
  • Set objectives to prevent pollution.
  • The objectives of the operational permit will be adhered to paying particular attention to environmental noise, accident prevention, and water minimisation.
  • Minimise the energy consumption by applying heat exchange and recovery mechanisms where suitable.

Procedures and practices shall be based upon the requirements of ISO 14001:2004.

In this way we will achieve our objectives of compliance with legislation and the continual improvement in the environmental performance of our business.